Guides for self-help PD workshops and resources for activity based learning to support teachers in developing  more effective and more up-to-date ways of teaching and a deeper understanding of mathematics and pedagogy.

You don’t need an expert leader or any advance preparation. Just use an AIMSSEC workshop guide.

These guides enable groups of teachers to work together, share ideas, learn more mathematics and discover new strategies for activity based teaching and learning.

Each guide provides a summary of a mathematical topic, activities to work through with colleagues in a teacher workshop; lesson activities and suggestions for teaching; advice for implementing teaching strategies and additional resources such as worksheets and templates.

Pick a workshop guide from the list of links below or click on PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT at the top of any webpage.


Language and Communication of Mathematical Concepts in Teaching and Learning


Number Games and Prime Numbers

The Meaning of Division

Introduction to 2D Symmetry

Pyramids and Prisms


Practical Data Handling


Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Place Value and Decimals

Sequences and Patterns

Functions and Inverse Functions

Exponents and Surds


Number Systems and Equations

Straight Line Graphs and Simultaneous Equations

Problems Leading to Series

Growth and Decay – Financial Mathematics

Transformation of Functions

Lines, Circles and Tangents

Similarity and Enlargement

Pythagoras Theorem and Similarity

Circle Theorems

Trig Identities and Equations

Applications of Trigonometry

Contingency Tables and Venn Diagrams

Probability and Tree Diagrams

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