Resources needed: outdoor or indoor space and 4 long pieces of string tied together at one end. Red and yellow headbands, sashes or stickers to be distributed at the start of the lesson.

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Mark out 4 regions on the ground.  Adjust the age split to suit your group.

Label the regions in a similar way to this table.

Explain that everyone, including the teacher or group leader, must put themselves into one of the regions.

When you’ve agreed that everyone is in the right place ask the children to count the numbers of reds and yellows and add them up. Then ask them to count the numbers of under 10s and over 10s and add them. What do they notice?

Ask them how they might record this information on paper.

Form a circle, place the knotted end of the strings at the centre and give the other ends to 4 people to split the circle into 4 sectors, one for each of the groups.

Ask the learners what they think the 4 sectors of the circle represent. Then put the 4 labels down on the ground so that everyone can see them.

Ask the learners how they might record this on paper.

HOME LEARNING If you are working in a small home group make a list of your family, parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Split them into males and females and use ages under 20 and over 20 rather than age 10. You could include some friends. Then instead of doing the lesson as described, draw the People 2-Way Contingency Table and People Pie Chart for your family using stick people and writing names on them.

If time, and depending on the age of the participants, the class can talk about how to record the 2-way table and pie chart. This can be done on the board and/or learners can record them in their workbooks.

The group might discuss the angle of the sector that represents each person in the pie chart: (360o/10=36o).

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