This United Nations Children’s Fund pie chart shows the global locations of 783 million people who did not have safe drinking water in 2012 and this number is increasing.

The total world population in 2017 is 7.5 billion (7,500,000,000). What percentage of the world population is without safe drinking water?

The world population is forecast to rise to 8.2 billion by 2025. What percentage increase is this from 2017 to 2025?

The angle in the pie chart for China is 55 degrees to the nearest degree. How would you work this out? Calculate the angle in the pie chart for Nigeria.

The second chart compares water availability per person across Africa in 1990 with the expected availability in 2025.

Study this chart. What does it tell you?

Which countries will be vulnerable in 2025, having just enough water, that  is more than 1700 cubic metres of water per person per year, but being at risk of shortages.

Use the red lines in the chart to find how many countries had plenty of water in 1990, how many were vulnerable, how many were stressed and how many had water scarcity?

What are the corresponding numbers expected for 2025?

Why do you think that the problem of water shortage is getting worse?

Click here for the DRINKING WATER worksheet.

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Click here for the DRINKING WATER Notes for Teachers.

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