Squares 1, 2 and 3 all have edges of length 1 unit. Some edges are divided into lengths of ½ and ¼.

The squares are split up into smaller shapes.

What can you say about those shapes and their properties?

Which shapes are similar?

The squares have area 1 square unit. What are the areas of the smaller shapes?

Click here for the FRACTIONS IN A SQUARE worksheet.

4 Responses to Years 4 – 7 Fractions in a Square

  1. Avatar Fezzy Gxothiwe says:

    All the squares are equal. They all have an equal area. What differs is the size of the parts that they are divided into but the area of each square does not change even though it has been divided 1/2s,1/4s 1/8s and 1/16s.

  2. Avatar Dorries Mikateko says:

    learners enjoy learning through practical activities

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