Xolile sells ice cream and the pie chart shows the sales for last week.

What fraction of the ice creams sold were strawberry? If she sold 60 strawberry ice creams how many ice creams were sold altogether.

The number of vanilla ice creams and the number of chocolate ice creams sold were the same.

How many chocolate ice creams did she sell?

What fraction of the ice creams sold were vanilla?

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This problem is taken from the UKMT Mathematical Challenges.

3 Responses to Ice Cream Pie

  1. Nelly Malamlela says:

    I have used this problem to teach my learners percentages. they already had knowledge about angles. I asked them the size of a revolution and they told me its 360. i asked the about the sign on that pie chart they knew its 90. Then if it is 90 degrees what is its proportion to the pie chart as a whole (360°), they knew that it is the quarter of 360°.
    What percentage is 90° of 360°? They told me that quarter of 100% is 25%. Then they calculate the other sectors. My learners enjoyed the exercise so much.

  2. Msuthu Mdleleni says:

    An easy way of doing this pie chart is first of all ask learners what fraction has been occupied by strawberries then they will tell you that it is a quarter then what about vanilla and chocolate together they will see that it is three quarters. Tell them that a quarter equals to 60 then ask them how can they get three quarters. Learners will see it by adding 3 quarters together then let them be aware that we are looking for chocolate only not both of them then they must look at sharing it into 2 equal parts. Learners enjoyed it because in the first place they did not know that they will get the answer so easily and I recommend this way of calculation to grade 4 and 5. Remember start from the known to unknown

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