If you have not already done it click these links to try the Collapsible Cube activity and watch the video.

Make a tetrahedron out of rolled paper sticks. Press it gently.

See that it does not change its shape – it is rigid.

Make these five 3D shapes with paper sticks that are all the same length.

Before you make each 3D shape, imagine it in your mind.  Try to visualise how it will behave.

Do you think that it will be:

  1. Rigid, like the tetrahedron, so it will not change its shape at all?
  2. Collapsible, like the cube, so it will collapse into one or more flat shapes?
  3. Not rigid, but will not collapse into a flat shape.

Write down your predictions.

Sketch, and name or describe, the shapes that each of the 3D shapes can make.

The FLEXIBLE SHAPES Inclusion and Home Learning Guide offers related learning tasks on the theme of Visualisation suitable for learners of all attainment levels and all ages from 5 to 18+.

Click here for the FLEXIBLE SHAPES Inclusion and Home Learning Guide.

Click here for the FLEXIBLE SHAPES worksheet.

Click here for the Notes for Teachers.

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