Watch this video.

Make a 3D cube out of rolled paper sticks, tied together at the ends. Push your cube gently down and sideways.  It will collapse into a 2D shape. Can you collapse your cube into
a 2D rectangle made of 2 squares?

Can you fold the rectangle over to make a 2D square?

What other 2D shapes that can you make with your collapsible 3D cube?

Sketch each one you find, and name it or describe it carefully.


Think of a different 3D shape that you can make with paper sticks of equal length.

Will it collapse into a 2D shape?

Or will it be rigid?

Or will it do something different?

Before you make your new 3D shape, try to visualise it and describe how it will behave.

Then check your predictions.

Record what you find with sketches and words.

For instructions to make paper sticks watch this video.

Click here for the the COLLAPSIBLE CUBE worksheet.

Click here for the Inclusion and Home Learning Guide.

Click here for the Notes for Teachers.




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