How many right-angled triangles of different sizes can you make by joining the dots on the 5 by 5 spotty grid?

Describe your triangles and say what geometrical properties they have.

You can download a sheet of spotty grids here or use a geoboard and you can download the FIND THE RIGHT TRIANGLES worksheet here.

See the Notes for Teachers

Click here to download the FIND THE RIGHT TRIANGLES poster.

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7 Responses to Find the Right Triangles

  1. Diana Townsend says:

    You might think of just concentrating on one kind of triangle and looking at how many of them can be drawn on the grid – this may involve discussing when triangles are equal – do you count the reflection? the rotated triangle? Are some similar triangles or congruent???

    • Kgakishi Alfred says:

      Yes,but it was not enough,at first you were supposed let them develop different types of triangles on the geoboard, naming them being in groups,in this case learners would be to know of their difference, is then the mathamethical concepts of similar triangles or congruent will get in.The learners may also know of meaning of the two concepts before they can sort them.
      This is another way of making it more semple

  2. Msuthu Mdleleni says:

    i gave my learners this activity and the first thing that we did was to first show the others triangles on a geoboard and we managed to do different kinds and then after that i divided them in groups so that they can use the square dotty to make as many triangles as they could and some finished the activity easily and i extended it and included quadrilaterals and the grade 5 learners enjoyed it and we made some comparisons with different triangles and quadrilaterals and they enjoyed it

  3. Khosie Ntlantsana says:

    Ihave tried this with my grade 8 learners .It was so interesting to them because they have done types of triangles in grade 7 so they are able to find kinds of triangles using a geoboard

  4. Nobahle says:

    From:Nobahle :Geobord is the best method and interesting method of constructing the different types of shapes

  5. Thandiwe Amelia says:

    I try this with my learners they found interesting as they already dealt with angles they found no problem to practice on geoboard and able to come up with different angles

  6. Malesela Frans says:

    This activity works great.

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