To play the game you need a 4 by 4 board, 2 L pieces and 2 counters. Place the pieces on the board as shown.

How to win: The winner is the player who blocks in their opponent’s L shape so the opponent cannot move.

Rules: From this starting position, the first player chooses an  L shape and moves it on the board, then can choose whether or not to move one of the counters. Pieces cannot overlap. The second player moves the other L shape, then after that one of the counters if they wish. Players can only move their own L shape but they can move either counter.

Click here to download the L Game Notes for Teachers.

Click here to download the worksheet and gameboard.

Watch this space. more information will be added soon.

PRIZE TO BE AWARDED: A COPY OF THE BOOK ‘LET’S PLAY MATHEMATICALLY AIMING HIGH GAMES’ will be awarded on 1st March 2024 to the teacher who contributes most to the comments sections about the games on this AIMING HIGH website. Share ideas about how you experienced the game, either playing with your family at home, or with a class in school, or in a Math’s Club. Please share ideas about how the other players responded and also about learning mathematics through playing games. Critical comments and suggestions for improvement will be much appreciated, especially if we get them before the book goes to press.

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