You can be a creative mathematician, you can be someone who has your own mathematical ideas. Find your own interesting facts about 2024 and calculations that have the answer 2024.

What different questions can you find with 2024 as the answer? For example you might ask: ‘What is (20 + 24) + (20+24)(20+24) + (20 + 24)?’

Perhaps you can make up an easy question, one that is harder and one that is very hard.

Compare your questions with other people’s.

You might like to investigate powers of whole numbers. For example you might ask: ‘What is $2^3 + 3^3 +4^3 +5^3 +6^3 +7^3 +8^3 +9^3?’$

How many ways can you arrange the digits 2, 2, 0 and 4 to get different numbers? What is the sum of those numbers?

What interesting facts can you find about the year that you were born?

Is it correct to say “twenty twenty-four” or should we say “two thousand and twenty-four” or are both correct?  Why?

People say “twenty twenty four” so do the 2 twenties mean – 20 thousands, 20 hundreds, 20 tens or 20 units?

The number 2024 is a tetrahedral number and very special because it is over 250 years since the last one and it will be over 300 years until the next one.

Find the prime factors of 2024 and write 2024 as a product of its prime factors.

Here is the factor bug for 18.

The antennae show 1 × 18 = 18.

The pairs of legs show and 2 × 9 = 18 and 3 × 6 = 18.

Factor bugs for other numbers can have more legs.

Draw the factor bug for 2024. How many legs does it have?

The diagrams below show two views of  a cuboid with edges 11, 23 and 24, made up of 3 pyramids. Each pyramid has 3 perpendicular edges of lengths 11, 23 and 24. All the triangular faces of the pyramids are right angled.

Fit the pyramids together to form a cuboid.

Work out the volumes of the cuboid and  the pyramids.

What does this tell you about about the number 2024?

Click here to download the Inclusion and Home Learning Guide with lesson ideas for all ages.

Click here to download the worksheet with nets of the pyramids.

Download 3 posters for your classroom wall: 2024 Poster 1, 2024 Poster 2  and 2024 Poster 3. To print the posters, use landscape orientation and scale to fit the paper.

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