A fence is built around a square field.

Suppose another fence is built exactly one metre longer so the path between the two fences is the same width along the edges of the field. How wide would this path be?

Would a mouse be able to run along it?

Could a farmer drive his cows along the path between the two fences?

Click here to download the SQUARE FENCE worksheet.

Notes for Teachers – Square Fence

For an extension of this problem see Not-So-Square Fence

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7 Responses to Square Fence

  1. Pele Pele says:

    interesting problem. Introduced the problem in grade 9 and 10 while monitoring my action search assessment in mathematicallanguage.Different suggestions rise up others solving literally and others use their understanding of mathematics.

    • toni says:


      This problem is very easy for Grade 9 but it does lead naturally to the ‘Not So Square Field’ problem. Did you give that one to your learners?

  2. Sphola Sello says:

    I did give it to my grade 7 learnes but they did it in groups using what ever can help them to arrive in solution but it was little bit challenging to them except one group who cut the box using given measurement and they use the formula of a perimeter and square to arrive in a solution with the help of questions

  3. Mondli Mkhwanazi says:

    I like the approach in the sense that the the problem is user friendly. It provides students with a picture to begin their problem solving.It makes it easier for students to work on measurement problems in which a diagram is provided. please provide more problems of this kind.

  4. Esme Meyer says:

    Hi. I am currently doing perimeter and area with my classes. They seem to do fine when they are given the shape and have to do the calculations, but if it is put as a word problem, they struggle. I will definitely try this one with them. I am glad a picture was provided for this problem, so they can at least visualize the field. 🙂 Will let you all know how it goes.

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