To make a model showing how cubes are made up of three square based pyramids, you will need a cardboard box, some string, some colouring pens and a knife or scissors to cut the box.

From one corner of a box cut squares all exactly the same size to form 3 faces of a cube, and colour the squares as in A.

Repeat this and the two pieces together make a cube.

This model of a cube is made from the piece A hung from 3 pieces of string for the other edges of the cube with 4 pieces of string showing the edges of the pyramids that make up the cube. 

Use one of these pieces and imagine 3 square based pyramids as shown in 3 different colours in C, D and E. These pyramids fit together to form the cube.

The 7 black lines in B represent strings joining the top vertex to the other 7 vertices of the cube. If  the strings are the right lengths they form the sloping edges of the 3 square based pyramids.

Imagine you are looking down on the cube in view B from above. You will see that you can hang the model so that the 3 card faces are at the bottom. If you need help to find the correct lengths for the strings see

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