Find values of x and y for which these five expressions all have the same value.

Do you have exactly the right amount of information or more information than you need?

Click here to download the MATCHLESS worksheet.

Click here to download the MATCHLESS worksheet.

Click here to download the AIMSSEC Teacher Notes for MATCHLESS

This problem is adapted from the NRICH task Matchless with permission of the University of Cambridge. All rights reserved.

3 Responses to Matchless

  1. Wiseman Mxitshimbama says:

    This activity requires problem solving skills and it can help our learners to think mathematically using what is given to them and try to connect it to what they already know.

  2. Joe Lehopa says:

    A challenging exercise which I would give to fast learners while trying to bring aboard the slow learners and I believe it would be interesting to see them working around different strategies but I believe it would help make them involved and I would use it at the end of the lesson I presented to the whole class.

  3. Mbuyi Mpepo says:

    This was a very interesting problem. It makes one think seriously.I would use it with the Grade 12s definitely.
    The most interesting part is that it is given in the form of expressions but have to solve it in the form of equations.

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