In the Lucky Numbers Game 6 balls are numbered 1 to 6 and 3 balls are chosen at random without replacing any of the balls so that 3 different winning numbers are chosen.

When you play this game you get a ticket with 3 numbers written on it.

You win a prize if your 3 numbers match the 3 numbers on the chosen balls.

What is your chance of winning a prize?

If you find this problem difficult try the simpler case where 2 balls are chosen from 6 and you get a ticket with 2 numbers.

The probability of winning the 2 lucky number game is 1/15.

If 100 people pay R10 to play the 3 number game and the prize is R150 would the organisers of this game expect to make a profit? If so why?

Click here to download the Notes for Teachers – Lucky Numbers

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