These images are not shown to the same scale. An elephant is much bigger and heavier than a cat or a car. Can you arrange these things in order from lightest to heaviest? Can you estimate the mass of each of these things?




How many oranges do you think you would need to balance an elephant in the scales?

Now try matching the list of objects below to their masses.

A1 Car           A2 10 year old girl          A3 Orange                   A4 Cat              A5 Elephant

A6 Truck      A7 One year old baby    A8 Paperback book    A9 Man           A10 Phone

M1 200 g      M2 6000 kg                    M3 260 g                      M4 4500 g      M5  70 kg

M6  115 g      M7  1,400 kg                   M8 9 kg                        M9 30 kg         M10 2700 kg

Click here to download the COMPARING MASS worksheet.

Click here for Notes for Teachers.

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