Your Granny bought a bar of chocolate marked into 32 pieces and weighing 180 grams.

How many pieces make half the chocolate bar?

How many pieces make one quarter?

What fraction of the bar is one piece of chocolate?

She gave you and your sister 2 pieces each to eat. What fraction have you and your sister eaten?

How many pieces are left? What fraction of the bar is that?


Granny needs 90 grams of chocolate to make a birthday cake for your birthday. How many pieces of chocolate will she use and how many pieces will be left over ?

What fraction of the bar is left.

Will there be enough chocolate left for the six members of your family each to eat 2 pieces of chocolate and if so will there be any chocolate left after that?

Now make up your own story about the chocolate in which you ask some questions about fractions and the masses of some of the pieces.

Click here to download the CHOCOLATE worksheet.

Click here for Notes for Teachers.



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