tetrahedron-puzzlestringy-stickFirst make 6 paper sticks, all the same length, by rolling paper tightly round pieces of string and securing with sticky tape. Then make a rhombus by tying together 5 sticks to make 2 equilateral triangles. Use the rhombus and the one remaining stick to make a shape with 4 triangles. What do you notice about the shape that you have made?3-squares

For the second puzzle make 12 paper sticks and tie them together making 3 squares, preferably in 3 colours. Make the 3 squares into the skeleton of a solid shape that has 8 triangular faces (an oct-puzzle-1octahedron).

octahedronWhat do you notice about this solid shape? Make a list.


octahedron-puzzleFor the third puzzle, make an octahedron from a square made from 12 sticks or starting from a continuous line of 12 sticks.

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