tetrahedron-puzzlestringy-stickFirst make 6 paper sticks, all the same length, by rolling paper tightly round pieces of string and securing with sticky tape. Then make a rhombus by tying together 5 sticks to make 2 equilateral triangles. Use the rhombus and the one remaining stick to make a shape with 4 triangles. What do you notice about the shape that you have made?3-squares

For the second puzzle make 12 paper sticks and tie them together making 3 squares, preferably in 3 colours. Make the 3 squares into the skeleton of a solid shape that has 8 triangular faces (an oct-puzzle-1octahedron).

octahedronWhat do you notice about this solid shape? Make a list.


octahedron-puzzleFor the third puzzle, make an octahedron from a square made from 12 sticks or starting from a continuous line of 12 sticks.



The TESTS AND OCTS Inclusion and Home Learning Guide offers suitable related learning activities on the theme of Polyhedra suitable for all abilities and all ages from 5 to 18+.

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