Two players (X and O) play 9 simultaneous games of Tic Tac Toe on a 9 by 9 mega-board taking turns to put their mark on one of the 81 squares. X starts. The position chosen by a player on the 3 by 3 mini-board forces the next player to play on the mini-board that is in the same relative position on the mega-board as shown in this example. If the first move by X was at E8 in the mini-board E as shown on the left, then O is forced to play next on mini-board H, shaded in red in the mega-board. O plays at H5 in the centre of board H forcing X to play again somewhere on mini-board  E.

When players win any one of the 9 mini-games, they claim that board and close it down by marking it with a large X or O. If a player has been forced to make the next move on a closed board, then they have a free choice for that move of any position on any other board.

When a mini-board is won, then all the counters except the 3 in line can be removed showing that the board is closed.

Keep an eye on the big picture. Focus on certain mini-boards aiming to win on the larger board. In the example shown here, O has won with the vertical line of three Os on mini-boards C, F and I. Aim to divert your partner from playing on your chosen mini-boards.

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