Transformation muralThe wall painting on the house in this photo shows geometric transformations.

Assuming that the parts of the design that look the same are identical and that they only appear different because of the perspective in the photo, describe in detail all the transformations and symmetries that you see in the different parts of the painting.

Transformation mural strip

Describe the symmetries and transformations that you see in the strip is pattern at the top of the wall.

Explain how the strip pattern illustrates the property that the combination of two reflections is a translation and identify the mirror lines for the two reflections.

TA Rotation order 2What is the image of this part of the pattern if it is rotated by 180 degrees about a point at its centre?


TA Rotation order 4Describe the symmetries and transformations that you see in this part of the pattern?


Click here for a copy of the pictures and here for Notes for Teachers

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