The roadmap shows 9 straight lines representing roads R1, R2, R3, … R9 and 8 towns T1, T2, T3, …T8, shown in yellow. The roads go to, or through, the towns.

Some roads connect 2 towns, some connect 3 towns, and one road connects 4 towns but all towns lie on exactly 3 roads.

Players take it in turns to claim and block one of the 9 straight roads by putting a counter on the board, closing the whole road even though it may pass through several towns. The winner is the first player to capture three roads going to, or through, the same town and put the town under siege.

This game calls for the type of skills used in map-reading and visualising networks. It is also one of a collection where all the games are essentially the same game in different ‘disguises’. Recognising patterns that you have seen before is a useful skill because the methods used before can be used again.

Click here for the Siege Game worksheet and game board.

Click here for the Siege Game Notes for Teachers – also see the Inclusion Guide.

Click here for the Inclusion and Home Learning Guide.

Click here for the Siege game poster.


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