A game for any number of players. You want to win by getting the total close to 100, so THINK MATHEMATICALLY! Concentrate on the digits in the tens column. What do you want them to add up to?

You need a set of 10 cards numbered 0 to 9 or a spinner. All the learners should draw in their notebooks a hundreds, tens and units grid as shown. The teacher spins the spinner and the learners choose one of the 4 boxes in this addition sum and write the digit in their chosen box. This is repeated for three more spins. The learners then add the two numbers and the winner is the learner who gets the total closest to 100.

The whole class should check the additions that are claimed to be closest to 100.

The game can be extended to involve adding three 2 digit numbers (6 spins) and again the learners try to place the digits to get a total as close to 100 as possible.

Click here for a template to make your spinner. Mark in the lines in the template and cut it out. You will need a paper clip and a pin. Open out the paper clip and pin the paper clip and the template down on a flat surface so that the paper clip spins easily. You could use a die instead if you have one.


Click here to download the TARGET 100 worksheet.

Click here to download the Notes for Teachers.

For a video to help you with addition

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