If you are at row 0 column 1 (0 ; 1)  how many columns do you go across and how many rows back would you go to get to row 2 column 4 (2 ; 4)?

Give directions for getting from row 1 column 0 (1 ; 0) to row 2 column 3 (2 ; 3)?

If you start at (1 ; 1) where would you get to if you go 2 columns across and 1 row back?

Make up some more questions like this for the class.

How would you give directions for going forward from row 3 to row 1? What about going across from column 4 to column 0?

We use pairs of numbers, called coordinates, to give the positions of points on a grid, like the columns and rows of places in class.

On this grid the columns are given by blue numbers and the rows are given by red numbers. The crown is at (8 ; 5) and the mermaid is at (4 ; 1).

Give the coordinates of the other things.

Give directions for both pirates to find the diamond.

Note for the teacher: This can be a whole class activity. The learners line up in an array of rows and columns. They can either sit in desks or in rows of chairs or they can stand in rows and columns indoors or out. The first picture shows an array of 20 people with 4 rows and 5 columns but it can be extended for any number of people.

Learners must follow and also give directions to trace a path between positions on a grid either using compass directions or positive and negative directions.

Click here to download THE PEOPLE MATHS worksheet.

Click here for the Notes for Teachers.


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