ONE THREE FIVE SEVEN is a game for 2 players. You should have 16 objects.

Arrange the objects in 4 rows with 7 on the bottom row, then a row of 5, then 3, then 1 at the top.

Players take turns to choose a row and to remove at least one object from that row.

The player who removes the last object wins the game.

To play the DAISY GAME draw a daisy with 7 petals. Take turns to colour in either one petal or two petals next to each other.

The winner is the one to shade the last petal or petals.

Vary the game by starting with a different number of petals. 

Click here to download a worksheet.

Click here to download a poster.

Click here for an article that explains the winning strategy.

Resources: 16 small objects. Bottle tops or stones are good for this.


This Daisy and Nim-7 games are adapted from NRICH tasks with permission of the University of Cambridge. All rights reserved. See DAISY and NIM-7

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