We know birds come from eggs.


You can make many birds from the 9 puzzle pieces of the Magic Tangram Egg.


Break the egg and re-assemble the 9 pieces to hatch one of  many varieties of birds.




  1. Draw a circle with radius 60 mm and mark diameters AB and HJ at right angles.
  2. Extend the line from A to H and beyond.
  3. Extend the line from B to H and beyond.
  4. Draw a circle centre A, radius 120 mm, to find D on AH extended.
  5. Draw a circle centre B, radius 120 mm, to find C on BH extended
  6. Draw the arc CD as part of the circle centre H radius 35 mm.
  7. Mark E so that JE = 35mm and draw the circle centre E radius 35mm.
  8. Cut into 9 pieces as in the coloured diagram (making 4 green pieces).

Making the puzzle

You can use cardboard and perhaps laminate it before cutting out the pieces. Alternatively use scrap plastic or wood. Working in wood requires skilled craft work and careful sanding.


Copy these arrangements.

Then make the 4 birds below.

Click here for the MAGIC EGG worksheet.

Click here for MAGIC EGG Notes for Teachers

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