ABCD is a square with edge 1 unit. AM=MB and O is the centre of the square.

Find the area of the kite.

Can you find this area by more than one method?

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This problem is adapted from the NRICH task with the same name permission of the University of Cambridge. All rights reserved.

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3 Responses to Kite in a Square

  1. Ntholeng Lekhetha says:

    I tried this in Grade 7 but it was very difficult for them to come to a solution on their own.

  2. Fezzy Gxothiwe says:

    It needed a lot of creative thinking from both me as the educator and the learners.They were able to identify the 4 isosceles triangles that make the square and that the kite is part of one of the triangles.As they are grade 4s it was very difficult for them but they wanted to try.They came up with an idea of diving each triangle into 3 equal parts which will each be equal to a third of the triangle.Each triangle is a quarter of the square.So in all there will be 12 small parts that will fit in the square with an equal area each irrespetive of the shape in each triangle.So the area of the kite will be 1/12th of the square.That is how they did it and for them and for me it was the simplest way of finding the area of the kite.It was time consuming as they did not want to give up trying.

  3. Ntholeng Lekhetha says:

    Learners dont want think, they always want to be leads to the answer.

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