This practica6-rhombusesl activity involves making a skeletal model of an icosahedron by tying together sticks made from paper rolled tightly around pieces of string. Make 6 rhombuses as shown with 5 sticks for each one.

icos-puzzleTie the rhombuses together to make this pattern noting how the different coloured rhombuses fit into the pattern. Tie the knots firmly but so that you can undo them if you need to make a change.

Then make it into an icosahedron. Note that there are exactly 5 edges meeting at all vertices.

icosahedronWhat properties of the icosahedron do you notice?


paper-sticksWhen making your paper sticks it helps to fix the string onto the paper with sticky tape before starting to roll it so the string stays in place. Roll the paper tightly around the string and secure it with sticky tape. Four 10.5 cm sticks can be made from one A4 sheet of paper cut into 4.

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