Another TARGET game for the whole class to play as a lesson starter.

You will need a 0 to 9 spinner or dice.

Spin the spinner and the players must write the digit in one of the top four boxes.

Once a number is written its position cannot be changed.

Repeat three more times.

Then the learners multiply the 3-digit number by the 1-digit number.

The player (or players) with the product closest to 1000 wins.

Score 1 point for a win.

This is a game of chance but if players think strategically when placing the numbers they can increase their chance of winning.

Click here for a template and instructions for making spinners.

Alternatively the game can be played by pairs of learners and they will need a spinner for each pair. Each player draws a multiplication grid like the one shown. They spin the spinner 4 times and each time write in the number in one of the boxes in their grid. Then they do the multiplication and find out who is closest to 1000 by finding the difference between their answer and 1000. They should check each others’ calculations.

Click here for the AIMSSEC Notes for Teachers

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