100square This is a game for one or two players.

The first player chooses a positive even number that is less than 50, and crosses it out on the 100 square grid.

The second player chooses a number to cross out. The number must be a factor or multiple of the previous number.

Players continue to take it in turns to cross out numbers, at each stage choosing a number that is a factor or multiple of the number just crossed out by the other player.

The first person who is unable to cross out a number loses.

For one player, or as a class competition, follow the same rules and see who can make the longest chain of numbers.

Click here to download the FACTORS AND MULTIPLES GAME worksheet.

Click here for the FACTORS AND MULTIPLES Inclusion and Home Learning Guide.

Click here to download Notes for Teachers for Years 6 to 12.

Click here to download a page of 100 squares.

Here is an interactivity for this game on NRICH where you can download a version to your own tablet or smartphone.

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