order-of-operationsAmy and her friends have built some functions. If they all input the number 1 into their functions Amy’s output would be 6, Busi’s 1, Chris’s 6½ and Dudu’s 3½.

Build some of your own functions using the operations [subtract 2], [multiply by 3], [divide by 2] and [add 5].

Choose inputs and give the corresponding outputs to show how your functions work. Your inputs can be numbers or variables.

Make as many different functions as you can using 2 of the 4 operations without repetition. Click here for a poster that you can fill in to show all the different functions that can made by combining 2 of these 4 operations without repetition. In the first column put the functions that have [subtract 2] first. An example has been shown in the table.

As an extra challenge you might make as many functions as you can that combine 3 of the 4 operations without repetition and then perhaps find the functions that combine all 4 operations without repetition.

Click here to download the BUILDING FUNCTIONS worksheet.

Click here to download the  Notes for Teachers.





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