If all these times are between noon and midnight match the times given on the 12 hour clock with the times given on the 24 hour clock. Put them in order.

Download the 12 hour times cards here and the 24 hour times cards here.

Now match all the times with the times shown on the clock and the times as we speak about them.

Download the clock cards here and the times in words cards here.

Describe a long journey, your own journey or a journey for a sports or music star or team. Explain what happens at different times, how long is spent walking or waiting for buses, trains or flights, and how long the stages of the journey take.

Click here to download the TIME 3 worksheet.

Download the AIMSSEC Notes for Teachers here.

The same clock faces that have  been used here, with permission of the University of Cambridge, are used in a different challenge: the NRICH task What is the Time?  All rights reserved.

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