A game with a TARGET of 1000 for any number of players. You want to win so THINK MATHEMATICALLY! What should the hundreds digits add up to? How will you choose your hundreds digits?

You will need a set of 10 cards numbered 0 to 9 or a spinner marked 0 to 9 or a very special die. Each player draws an addition grid like the one shown.

Spin the spinner and the players must write the digit in one of the top nine boxes.

Once a number is written it cannot be changed.

Repeat eight more times.

Then the learners add up their three 3-digit numbers.

The player (or players) with the total closest to 1000 wins.

Score 1 point for a win.

This is a game of chance but if players think strategically when placing the numbers they can increase their chance of winning.

ALTERNATIVE VERSION OF THE TARGET 1000 GAME. The players write down all 9 numbers and then at the end decide where to place them. This is a game of skill which involves mathematical thinking and not luck.


Click here to download the TARGET 1000 worksheet.

Click here for the AIMSSEC Teacher Notes.

A video to help you with addition of 3-digit numbers.

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