This game helps you to understand place value. You want to win so THINK MATHEMATICALLY! The number must be big so put a big number in the thousands place.

The game can easily be adapted to 2-digit or 3-digit numbers or to include decimals. All versions of the game can be played with any number of players, by a whole class as a lesson starter, or in pairs.

You will need a set of 10 cards numbered 0 to 9 or a  0-9 spinner like the one in the picture and this movie.

Each player must draw a grid. The one shown is for the 4-digit game. In the spin high game the players aim to make the largest possible 4-digit number. As a whole class game one person draws a card at random, or spins the spinner, and calls out the digit (for example, 6 as shown in the picture) and the players must choose which of the 4 squares to place the digit in. Spin again and call out the digit 3 more times and each time the players must write the digit called in one of their boxes. Players with the highest number win a point. The game is repeated and the first player to get 5 points wins the match.

In the Spin Low version of the game the players with the lowest 4-digit number win a point.

For the Spin High Low version draw two grids, each with 4 squares and aim to get the highest possible 4-digit number in one and the lowest possible 4-digit number in the other. Draw 8 cards or spin the spinner 8 times. Players put the numbers one by one in any one of their eight squares that is still empty.

As a variation of the game, other targets can be set and players can take turns to choose the target.

The grid for the decimal version  is as shown. If you use a decimal comma in your country then make your grid with a comma. Again this game can be played with a spin high target or a spin low target.

Click here for instructions and templates for number cards and spinners.

Click here to download the SPIN HIGH SPIN LOW worksheet.

Click here to download the SPIN HIGH SPIN LOW Inclusion and Home Learning Guide.

Click here for the Notes for Teachers.

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