The table gives the 2013 population statistics for South Africa.

  Complete the table and draw a histogram to represent this data.

Calculate the mean of this distribution. What can you say about the other measures of central tendency (the median and the mode)?

According to news reports in 2013 Johanna Mazibuko was 119 years old. She was the oldest person in South Africa and probably the oldest person in the world. How does this single piece of data affect the distribution and how could the data be handled to avoid distortion of the results?

Remember that for a histogram the area in each column represents the frequency for that class.

Comment on the distribution. You can see that almost half the population is under 25 years old. What social, economic and political effect do you think this has on South African society? Is the population of your village or town similar to the national population? How could you find out?

Click here to download the SA DEMOGRAPHICS worksheet.

See the Notes for Teachers – SA Demographics

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