To play the game you need a gameboard, one die, one counter for each player and paper and pencil for recording scores

Rules:  REGULAR POLYPATH GAME Players in turn roll the die and move their counter that number of spaces. When they land on a shape, they must imagine that a regular 3D solid shape (polyhedron) has ‘walked’ along the track and left a 2D footprint (polygon). What solid could it be? When they land on a shape, players get a point for naming the polygon and an extra point for each polyhedron they name. If they can’t name the polygon they miss their turn, returning their counter to its previous position. They must roll the correct number to finish or stay where they are for that turn.

How to win: The winner is the player with the most points at the end of the game when all players have got to the FINISH. The first player to land on the FINISH space get 5 bonus points. They must not ‘overshoot’ to finish.













Click here to download the gameboard for regular polyhedra.

Click here to download the gameboard for semi-regular polyhedra.

Click here to download the gameboard to create your own game.

Click here to download both gamboards and prompt sheet.

Notes for Teachers, Worksheet and inclusion Guide will be added soon. Watch this space. More mathematical games will follow on AIMING HIGH.

The Semi-regular Polypath Game is played in the same way as The Regular Polypath Game using the chart below. Players are allowed to refer to the chart during the game. They earn a point for every polyhedron that they identify from the chart that might have made the footprint. For example a triangle can score 9 points.



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