Match the functions with their derivatives and values of the functions and derivatives.


What does this information tell you about the graphs of the 5 functions

For cards to cut out and sort to do this activity click here.

Click here to download the DERIVATIVE MATCHING worksheet.

For the Notes for Teachers click here.


Make 20 cards of identical shape and size and 5 more cards with the graphs of the functions (see the Notes for Teachers). Shuffle the cards and then lay them face down on the table. Players take turns to turn over 2 cards. If the pair match, the player keeps the cards. If not, the cards are turned face down in the same spot and players try to remember the positions of the cards. Because there are 5 cards in each set, if a player has 2 cards of a set, and later turns over one more card of that set, the player gets to keep the matching card. The player with most cards at the end wins the game. If you want to play with a points system, award 1 point for each card won and a bonus of 5 points if a player collects all 5 cards of a set.

These activities are adapted from the STANDARDS UNIT professional development materials produced by the UK Department for Education and Skills. Author Malcolm Swan.

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