The net of a cube has been cut into two. It can be put together in several ways so that it can be folded into a cube.

Here are the nets of 9 solid shapes.

Each net has been cut into 2 pieced like the net of the cube.

Can you see which pieces go together?

Click here for the CUT NETS worksheet and here for the printable nets.

See the Notes for Teachers – Cut Nets

Click here to download the poster.

This activity is adapted from the NRICH task Cut Nets with permission of the University of Cambridge. All rights reserved.

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2 Responses to Cut Nets

  1. toni says:

    There is no point in you giving answers – you can click on the Notes for Teachers and find the answers there. Your first two answers are wrong. Can you see why?

    These comment boxes are for discussion different teachers incorporate these problems into their lessons.

  2. Nelisa Nakase says:

    This is a very good exercise but I think they will also need to cut out the shapes and try to put them together practically.After that they can also name the shapes and give their properties.

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