There is a silver lining to this cloud of bad news. It’s terrible that people all over the world are getting sick. It’s terrible that so many people are dying. It’s terrible that so many people are faced with stress and many trials and tribulations. It’s terrible that the economy of all countries will suffer a downturn and people will suffer because of the coming recession. Look at the graphs above.

Discussion Point 1: Why do these graphs tell us that the news is not all bad? You had the clue last week in when we asked what was different about the graphs for China and South Korea from the graphs for other countries.

Discussion Point 2: It is 3 months since the first known cases of coronavirus in China and now there are comparatively few deaths each day. What is the mean number of deaths per day in China over the whole 3 month period?

Discussion Point 3: It seems that, if the pandemic affects other countries in a similar way to China, then the worst will be over in 3 months. As we know that China has a population of over 1,400 million, which is more that 20 times the population of the UK and more than 24 times the population of South Africa we can deduce that after 3 months there will be weeks in other countries without any deaths due to coronavirus,. How can we make that deduction?

Click here to download the CORONA VIRUS 22/3/20 SILVER LINING worksheet.

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