This is another TARGET game for the whole class to play as a lesson starter.

You will need a 0 to 9 spinner or dice. Click here for a template and instructions for making spinners. Alternatively the game can be played by pairs of learners and they will need a spinner for each pair.

Each player draws a grid like the one shown.

Spin the spinner and the players must write the digit in one of the top eight boxes.

Once a number is written it cannot be changed.

Repeat seven more times.

Then the learners subtract the lower 4-digit number from the number above it.

The player (or players) with the difference closest to 1000 wins.

Score 1 point for a win.

This is a game of chance but if players think strategically when placing the numbers they can increase their chance of winning.

Click here for the AIMSSEC Notes for Teachers

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