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    First show the class a real clock with hour and minute hands and discuss which way the hands go round and the meaning of the words ‘clockwise’ and ‘anti-clockwise’. This works even better if the can see a seconds hand going around. Then talk about the angles that the hands turn through between pointing at 12 and 3 say (90 degrees) and discuss examples of lots of rotations. Discuss the centre of roation (in the middle of the circular face of the clock).

    Then try some physical activity. Get the class to stand up facing the front. Then tell everyone to rotate through 90 degrees clockwise. Do they all turn the same way and end up facing the same direction? Then tell them to rotate by through other angles until they can do this easily.

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    I like transformation because learners are more invoved and they discover a lot on their own. Let them cut out a shape like a small trianlge and work in pairs. Using a pin let them rotate the triangle and then draw around it the shape or use the pin then use a ruler to draw the tirangle. That way they can give the co-ordinates of each point of a triangle.

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    Sgqie Nohako

    Transformations is a very interesting lesson, especially if they can understand cartesian plane thoroughly, with all quadrants after that you can use any type of image around the quadrants and listen to them.

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    For reflections the human body provides good examples. If the learners look at their hands they see an example of reflection. Discuss how orientation is changed. Look at the backs of your hands. Going from the little finger round to the thumb is clockwise on the left hand and anti-clockwise on the right hand.

    Look in a mirror you see an example of reflection. Again orientation changes and right becomes left in the image and left becomes right.

    Footsteps also provide good examples. See the attachment.

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