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    Notemba Conjwa

    How can I teach rotation symmetry to my grade 4 learners?


    Look for objects with rotational symmetry, like flowers for example, and try to find examples with different symmetries. Take them into class and, as you turn them,  explain rotational symmetry and order of rotational symmetry. Let the learners pass them around and see for themselves.

    Talk about the letter S and N that have rotational symmetry of order 2 and no line symmetry. Work out the symmetries of the other capital letters.

    Look for symmetry in art like the baskets in the attachment. One has rotational symmetry of order 4, two have rotational symmetry of order 6 and the other one looks as if it might have rotational symmetry but it does not. If you can print this picture it makes a good basis for discussion.


    Buk Pindani

    I didn’t find clearly the difference between lines of symmetry,
    rotational symmetry ,point of rotation. Please can’t you explain it clearly to me?



    Please find a document attached which explains the differences.


    Phindy Simani

    I can see the centre of rotation when the point is in the shape. How do I see the centre of rotation when it is outside the shape ?



    In a rotation points move along the arcs of circles. The centre of rotation lies on the perpendicular bisector of the chord joining a point to its image.

    See the attached diagram showing how to find a centre of rotation.


    Fezzy Gxothiwe

    I too am not confident about the topic and that frustrates me.I am looking foward to the winter residentials so that I can get clarity.



    At the top of this page you will find RESOURCES. From the pull down menu choose ONLINE RESOURCES FOLDER. There is a wealth of information there. In the folder called WORKBOOKS FROM IMSTUS- try the SYMMETRY and TRANSFORMATIONS workbook . You’ll find lots of useful ideas without having to wait for the winter residentials.
    Good Luck Christine

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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