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    Hi Understanding nets is all about developing your skills to visualise what will happen when the net is folded up.

    The crucial activity is folding up nets to make solids so get some scrap card (or paper )and scissors and get folding.

    If you can get to the internet these sites are good

    1.To make your own nets and pull them together to make models go to

    2. If you have a reasonably fast internet connection you can see nets folding up to make models on this site.

    The page is headed ‘Interactive Geometry 3-d shapes’
    Scroll down the page. Choose a solid e.g cube, tetrahedron , octahedron
    Watch the solid move around and the net of the solid fold up so you can visualise how the net makes the shape.

    Hope you enjoy making the models

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    Ntholeng Lekhetha

    For the nets, I think it will be easier if you know the number faces and their shapes of each three-dimensional object.

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    Another way to help learners to understand nets, and to visualise how they work, is to save some boxes from the kitchen when you have used the food they contained. Then carefully cut down some of the edges until you can flatten the cardboard into the net for the box. There may be an extended flap for closing up the box but essentially you have a net which learners can fold up into a box and then flatten into a net then fold into a box again…to help them to visualise the process. Look out for boxes to save that are not cuboids. Saving them flattened into nets is much more convenient than keeping them as boxes.

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