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    learner’s attitude cannot be changed overnight,it is an ongoing process. Here are some tips to follow
    1. let learners be actively involved in your lesson,they must explore and come with solutions on their own.
    2. spend much of your time with them even after school hours and weekends.
    3. this needs your dedication as the teacher so that learners can follow suit
    4. do not rush your topic until it is understood

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    I agree with Tembile but you don’t need to spend a lot of time out of school hours with the learners, although that is good for them if you want to do it.

    What is most important is that the teacher

    1. is genuinely enthusiastic about maths and keen to learn more themselves,

    2. selects tasks for the learners at the right level of challenge (which will differ from learner to learner),

    3. encourages the learners to believe that they can do it,

    4. makes sure that every learner who tries has success.

    Most of the activities and challenges on this website are ‘low thresh-hold, high ceiling’. That means learners of all abilities can work from the same starting point and everyone can have some success. Then the teacher can extend the same task to challenge the more able and the high flyers while everyone is still working on the same topic.

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    I also agree with what Tembile and Toni have written. Also much depends on learners previous school experience in the lower grades? Were they motivated to think for themselves? Were their maths lessons interesting and stimulating? Did they experience success? Even a small success is a good motivator to try and do better the next time.

    Lastly always try to make your lessons as interesting as possible. A bored learner is not motivated to think or do much work.

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  1. Avatar Gcira Lusiba says:

    For me the most important thing is to make learners to understand what importance and role Maths plays in their daily lives.Let them see how things they do and take for granted would become so difficult or even impossible without maths like bank transactions ,knowing the correct change after buying and others .As teachers we need to make examples that are relevant to our learners everyday lives and situations on most topics so as to create that link between the content and their reality .

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