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    Nandi Magxiva

    I do think there is an easiset method other than the fraction wall because fraction wall makes it practical and easy. What is the problem with the fraction wall?

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    Make use of concrete teaching aids. Start from what they know to unknown. Make them teaching aids or resources so as to understand easy

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    Group your learners according to the fractions that you are going to introduce and make use of 2 strings .Its good to start with fractions of the same family.Halves,quarters and eighths. Let them cut the strings and give each other one part. Each person must then write down the fraction he/she has. They can then compare the fractions they have and also their sizes.

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    I agree with Nandi, if you use a fraction wall it would be much easier because they would be able to see that different fractions are equal when they use a ruler.

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    It’s good to group learners according to the fractions you teach that day. Bring objects that can be easy to cut and show them how to cut. Make sure that you first do fractions with same denominators e g halves and quarters. Explain to learners how to get these fractions by cutting exactly equal to each (half-1/2,quarter 1/4) and name them half and quarter. Make fraction board

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    Pat Ngalo

    As Maxolie has said you can use environmental concrete objects like if you want to talk about halves think of reality bread and its halves they usually buy at their neighbouring shops. All depends on what they use,  like they sometimes share oranges to different numbers, that is a fraction applied.

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    Fraction wheels are an excellent way to show fractions and they are easy to make and cost nothing. See the attachment.

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