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    I always have some sweets on ma pocket especial if i am in grade 4 so as to attract those who did not what to do anything in my class as to see that some received more sweets if they did everything,that is my style

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    Meka Jonas

    Some children are shy,involve them all in your lesson by encouraging them to say whatever they think about the lesson.Let them know that each and every idea counts,be like them but a teacher.

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    I think learners feel embarrassed when asked to remain standing if their answer is incorrect, rather ask the class if they agree with him/her if not get to the correct answer. Allowing learners to report on their work builds confidence and communication skills.As and educator we need to remind the learners that they are all at school to learn so they do not need to laugh at one another when they answer incorrectly but correct each other positively. Working in pairs also helps as they will give each other a chance to report on their work as no one will be blamed for the incorrect answer.

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    Ray Huntley

    Encourage every learner for every response they make. If they are correct, praise them well. If they are incorrect, then encourage them to think again and perhaps give them some help in a different way.

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    Phindy Simani

    Thanks for your ideas,I am worried about those responses that I could not view.Can you please try again?

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    l would like to know what language you conduct your lessons in. If its English maybe the students have limited vocabulary in this language, but l would encourage you to continue in that language because it is the medium of instruction in most schools in South Africa. The problem could be due to the fact that students may not have understood the concept.

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    Firstly I will plan for some competences by collecting more interesting awards like stamps with different colours, having some stars i.e. when a learner speaks loudly you praise him/her and other clap for her/him so as to congratulate. I can also prepare some awards days for individuals, groups, and the best class so that they must compete before they go to the cluster, circuit and district level.
    Secondly I will have some sweets and small cakes to be given to those who are the best or have confidence in the class. When I prepare the awards I can include the certificates and medals like silver or gold depending on the performance, which means gold for the highest then followed by silver.

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    I will group my learners whereby there is going to have a leader or someone who is going to present, but they change themselves so that each and everyone can be a leader or make a presentation. I must give the learners a chance to do their calculations on the board, it can be classwork or homework whereby there is someone who is going to write the answers on the board. The other thing is that everyday there will be an individual reading in the classroom that is the one who is going to read, she or he must come in front of the classroom and read the English book.

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    I think the strategy of letting them stand in your class till they give correct answers is the one haunting them the most, it doesn’t build any confidence to them, rather change it, try to give more clearer explanations, explanations with the touch of relevancy to their everyday life. Try to be practical in your approach, avoid being too abstract.

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    May Jakavula

    I think that making it clear to your learners that you are not a know all and that we can all help each other in class during a lesson. Encourage them also to ask questions before you ask them, let other learners try and answer those questions, praising them with their little efforts. Constantly mark their work and give positive feedback, admit in front of them when you’ve made a mistake, that will help

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    Mzu Nogoji

    Encourage learners to voice their opinions and always tell them to say what they think. Show them by a positive feedback that you are not interested in the correct answers but instead on how they justify themselves. Furthermore appreciate those who come up with correct answers.

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    I am very impressed by the responses and the good advice and support offered here. Well done everyone and please keep participating in the discussions on this forum.

    Treat mistakes as opportunities to learn, not as something to be unhappy about, and your learners will have much more courage to attempt to answer mathematical questions. A friend of mine claims that she has never made a mistake in her life but she has had lots of good learning experiences. Encourage learners to listen to each other and to be supportive and to help each other at all times.

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    Sgqie Nohako

    Each learner must respect the views and opinions of another learner, and as you are the educator, you must try to be passionate (strong feeling)

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    Hi Phindy
    Loads of people have given good ideas. There is one more thing I try with learners who are very reluctant to speak. When the class are working on a problem I go round and speak to individual learners. When one shy learner says something good to me I ask them to repeat it and then I say that I will ask them to say it to the whole class. They know they are saying something right, they have rehearsed what to say so hopefully it won’t be such an ordeal for them and they will feel pleased with themselves.

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