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    Sdumo Msindo

    help me in teaching of financial maths in grade 12, it is new to me and also I am new in teaching this grade. I understand simple interest, compound interest and their formulas but when it goes deeper I don’t understand.


    Zet Zet Zozo

    I think it is better for you to understand the terminology and symbols/parameters used in this section first and then you must give a chance to learners to give their understanding. If one understands the term correctly, ask him/her to explain to the others. You may motivate and assist where necessary. Other things important are symbols/parameters used to represent a term or a phrase needs to be explained to the learners. This is my approach for the past 3 years and in all these years my learners were doing good in mid-year exams in this section and I make correction, where necessary and in trial excellent results



    Hi This is a very general question and I remembered that in another discussion a teacher said that what they always do is Google the problem. I googled ‘ South Africa Financial maths Grade 12’ . In the list were some videos explaining some of the more complicated ideas. Do you have a phone that can show video clips or some access to the internet. If so you could try these videos:
    http://vimeo.com/5637683 and

    If anyone has found other useful videos please could they post the links.


    Chris Clarke

    As an extra resource, maths911 has mad a couple of books to help with financial mathematics. They can be found on the department of education website here and I’ve also attached them below


    Chris Clarke

    also I forgot previously – there is another series of workbooks available on the mathsexcellence website. There are 11 workbooks on the following topics:

    Grade 10
    Gr 10 Simple Interest
    Gr 10 Compound Interest

    Grade 11
    Gr 11 Linear & Reducing Balance
    Gr 11 Nominal & Effective Interest Rates
    Gr 11 Future & Present Value Calculations 1
    Gr 11 Future & Present Value Calculations 2
    Gr 11 Full Solutions To ALL Worksheets & Activities

    Grade 12
    Gr 12 Calculating the no. of time periods (n) using Logs
    Gr 12 Future Value Annuities
    Gr 12 Present Value Annuities
    Gr 12 Bond Repayment & Sinking Funds

    You can access all of them here: http://mathsexcellence.co.za/financial-maths.php


    Sdumo Msindo

    Thanks a lot guys you’ve really helped me.Chris I’ve downloaded from 911 and this has helped me also in other learning outcomes. Thank you again.


    Patricia Kotyi

    Financial maths is a nice topic and its easy for the learners to understand.Once you get used to it you will enjoy it.


    Sdumo Msindo

    Through the help of you collegues I have discovered that Financial maths is not a big deal, it only needs practice and understanding. Also the links given by Chris are very good and they give a deeper understanding of each and every lesson at FET.Thank you.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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