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    Ntyatyi Ndarala

    Given the equation of the regression line it says you can not use the equation of the line to find the value of y.How do we find y?


    Chris Clarke

    Where does it say this? I’m slightly confused by the question.

    I assume that you have been given the line of regression of the form y = A + Bx.

    The line is a mathematically calculated ‘line of best fit’ designed to minimise how far the different data points are away from it, on average. It is therefore not guaranteed to go through any of the data points. It does however go through the x-mean and y-mean coordinate point.


    Ntyatyi Ndarala

    In one of assignments we’ve determined the equation of the regression line,then we were given the y value and asked to calculate the x value then on our notes ‘we are not to use the equation ‘i need a clarity why?



    Hi Ntyatyi
    If the question says do not use the equation then the only other option is to read the value off from the graph. Usually we are allowed to use the equation.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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